Strong Towns is not publishing any new articles on Thursday, June 6th or Friday, June 7th. Our team is meeting for a staff retreat to plan the many exciting things we’ve got coming to you in the latter half of 2019!

Rest assured we’ll be back bright and early on Monday, June 10th to resume our regular schedule of all-new articles and podcasts. But that’s the least of what we’ve got cooking.

You’ve heard about the book by now, we hope. Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity, by Charles Marohn, hits shelves October 1st—and we’ve got special, exclusive content for you if you pre-order today. So head on over to the book page to learn how.

To coincide with the book launch, we’re hitting the road this fall for a national Strong America Tour featuring not just book signings, but new, never-before-seen presentations and locally tailored content. Find out how to get in touch if you’re interested in hosting a tour stop and you haven’t reached out to us already.

We’ve got some other big projects in the works too that aren’t quite ready to share with the world, but rest assured we can’t wait to tell you about them once they are! Thanks for reading, and keep doing what you can to build Strong Towns.


The Strong Towns staff.