Announcing the First Details of the Strong America Tour

It’s getting closer!

On October 1st, 2019, we’ll celebrate the official release of Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity, the first book by our founder and president, Charles L. Marohn, Jr. And guys, this is a really great book; it covers all the foundational ideas of the Strong Towns movement, while delving into our message in a way you’ve never seen before. But while you’re eagerly awaiting for your pre-ordered copy (and enjoying some of those sweet pre-order incentives,) we’re busily working to put together something really cool: The Strong America Tour. And today, we’re thrilled to announce the first handful of confirmed dates.

The Strong America Tour Takes Shape

That’s right—as previously announced, we’re accompanying the book’s release with something we’ve never done before: a coast-to-coast, months-long journey we’re calling the Strong America Tour. Chuck Marohn himself is going to be visiting dozens of communities all over North America, big cities and small towns alike. He’ll be delivering a brand new, never-before-seen Strong America presentation, with custom content tailored to the audience and to the story of each specific place. And of course, he’ll be signing a few books, too.

Not only that, we’ll be documenting the tour in a special Strong America e-book to be released after the fact. Think original essays, photos, profiles of local advocates doing what they can to make their own towns stronger, tour diary updates from the road, and great writing from Strong Towns advocates from across the country.

We were absolutely floored by the response to our request for proposals to host Strong America Tour stops; we’re at two hundred and sixteen requests and still counting. It’s clear that cities and towns of every size are hungry for a new approach—the Strong Towns approach—that can help them grow financially strong and resilient. Here are just a few of the events we have officially confirmed to give you a taste of where the Strong America Tour is headed. You can click each one for details. And we promise there’s more—much more—in the works. Subscribe to strong towns email to get a notification when when we’ve announced a stop near you, or just keep an eye on our events page.