Video: The Strong America Tour Presentation

Chuck Marohn offers a cogent call to rethink our faith in and commitment to unbridled and sprawling growth as the solution to challenges faced by our nation’s cities and towns. He offers a compelling case for re-harnessing the wisdom of our ancestor’s city-building efforts by prioritizing small-scale investments, maintaining resources that provide real economic and social value to our communities, and planning for adaptability in the face of inevitably changeable societal needs.

These are important ideas that have the power to create not just more livable, economically sustainable places, but richer and more fulfilling lives for the people who live in them.
— Patrice Frey, President and CEO of the National Main Street Center

Charles Marohn of Strong Towns speaking in Seattle about his book Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity on September 12, 2019.