Here's a clear example of the values some engineers bring to their work.

Yes, this crossing meets accepted industry standards. The lanes and the crosswalk are all appropriately sized. Notice the pedestrian sign right out of the MUTCD on the far side of the stroad. Almost an afterthought, it does nothing to slow the cars, but it also meets industry standards.

Note that the driver in the far lane can't even see the people crossing because they are blocked by the -- to his viewpoint -- randomly slowing car in the other lane. Stroads kill people and this is why. One moment of inattention from the driver of a fast-moving vehicle behind the one that slowed and we'd have a disaster here.

Which is the kind of thing that happens every day. It is the kind of tragedy this stroad approach randomly manufactures everywhere. Is it worth the few additional mph of speed, the low-value development and the bankruptcy of our cities?

Also notice the comic touch of a bench and trash can on the far side, as if someone is going to want to sit in this desolation and admire the asphalt. They must have had a grant to build this stroad crossing.

Any second thoughts on throwing a bunch more money at this system?

#nonewroads #slowthecars