The work of Strong Towns would not be possible without help from numerous volunteers around the world. Our small staff can only do so much, and volunteers provide much needed assistance, guidance and insight on many aspects of the Strong Towns movement. Here are some folks we wanted to extend a special thanks to as we close out 2017:

Our Contributors

Alexander Dukes, Spencer Gardner, Nolan Gray, Daniel Herriges, Nate Hood, Sarah Kobos, Andrew Price, Sara Joy Proppe, and Johnny Sanphillippo

These dedicated Strong Towns members write regularly for our website, sharing their wisdom and ideas with our global audience and creating the content you love.

Our Guest Writers

These folks are too numerous to name but we want to thank every person who submitted their writing to our website this year and shared their voice with the Strong Towns audience. We also want to thank the outlets that let us republish their work on an occasional basis like Greater Greater Washington, City Observatory and The Urban Phoenix.

The Ask R. Moses Panel

This secret panel of engineers has bravely stepped up to answer questions submitted by Strong Towns readers regarding street design, parking, infrastructure, and more. We can't share their names but we really appreciate their input. (And if you're a Strong Towns member and engineer who is interested in joining the panel, please contact Rachel Quednau.)

This Year's Webcast Hosts

Michael Kovacs, Will Rugeley, Justin Weiss, Molly Rockamann, Kevin Shepherd, Matt Lewis, Amanda Popken and Jordan Clark

Our webcasts this year were hosted by several wonderful Strong Towns advocates who dedicated their time to sharing their insights with our audience.

Our Content Review Panel

Tim Wright, Jessica Irons, Ben Harrison, Dave Moss, Alex Pline, Adam Old, Daniel Herrig and Chris Johnson

These Strong Towns members help edit and provide feedback on our website content. We all benefit from these extra sets of eyes on our writing. (And if you're a Strong Towns member with a good eye toward the written word who is interested in joining the panel, please contact Rachel Quednau.)

Our Book Editors & Designer

Matthias Leyrer, Ben Harrison, Chris Johnson, and Dave Moss

We just released the newest volume of Thoughts on Building Strong Towns, and that wouldn't have been possible without the help of Matthias Leyrer, who designed our beautiful cover, and Ben Harrison, Chris Johnson, and Dave Moss, who edited the book.

Our Slack Assistant

Grant Henninger

Strong Towns member Grant Henninger helped us get set up with our discussion platform, Slack, and continues to assist in managing it today.

Graphic Designers

Matthias Leyrer, Haile McCollum, and Andrew Costaris

If you see any graphics on this website, chances are, they were created by Matthias Leyrer. He's our go-to guy and for that we are deeply grateful. Haile McCollum also stepped up and helped us immensely by designing our 2017 Annual Report. Doesn't it look great? Finally, Andrew Costaris put together an excellent graphic for our member drive this summer.

Summit Volunteers

Sarah Kobos, Chris Bowman, Marek Cornett, Allen Emptage, Beth Gehred, Kristin Green, Daniel Herrig, Jim Hodapp, Josh McCarty, Dave Moss, Cate Ryba, David Shelton, and Kevin Shepherd

This year we hosted our first ever national summit in Tulsa, Oklahoma and these fine folks helped make that possible in big and small ways.