Small Scale Developers

Creating Strong Towns, one building at a time

Small Scale Developers are incrementally building Strong Towns.
We want to help them thrive.

Why Small Scale Developers?

A Strong Town relies on small, incremental investments (small bets) and is inspired by bottom-up action. Developers who work on a small scale, building duplexes, triplexes, small apartments and mixed-use structures are helping to build strong towns. Taking a structure to the next increment of development is how we create lasting wealth that will support a town for generations to come.

Barriers like restrictive zoning and codes as well as lending practices that favor big developers hinder the ability of small-scale developers to build strong towns. Changing policies to empower these developers to succeed will put our towns on a path toward success.

The Incremental Development Alliance

Our friends at the Incremental Development Alliance lead educational bootcamps for future developers and help cities to be more welcoming toward small scale developers. Visit their website to learn more.

If you care about supporting small scale developers and ensuring that they can thrive in your town, become a member of Strong Towns.

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