The Strong Towns podcast is almost as old as the Strong Towns website. We've had some incredible guests on this show over the years, and our content is only getting better. If you've never listened to the podcast, now is a good time to tune in.

On Monday's, Chuck Marohn and Rachel Quednau run a regular show that offers updates on the Strong Towns movement, reflections on recent events, book recommendations and more. This is a show where we get honest and personal about Strong Towns and our work here. Then on Thursdays, you'll find our primary podcast, which features interviews with leaders in the fields of transportation, urban planning, economics and more. Thursdays are also occasionally a time for Chuck to go in-depth on an issue we're covering at Strong Towns like sprawl and smart growth, pedestrian safety, and the Growth Ponzi Scheme

Here are some recent comments from Strong Towns podcast fans on iTunes:



“I’m a city planner and a lapsed engineer. I often beat my head against the wall at the simplistic short-term thinking I observe from elected officials and developers. In this podcast, Chuck Marohn articulates so many of the thoughts I’ve had, so much more insightfully than I could. If you want to hear how to save your favorite town, give him a listen.” –Camanoape

Must listen!

“Strong Towns takes all the Red State/Blue State “Us vs. Them” nonsense out of the conversation and explores the nuts and bolts of why some towns prosper and many others fail. It’s an on-going comprehensive look at what works physically, economically, and culturally.” –kjohi

A snowball rolling downhill  

"This podcast does not regurgitate news that you hear all over the place. There are no ads. Chuck and Rachel are the voice of a movement that is all about getting us to recognize the good that people (including ourselves) can do in the service of building strong towns, and the bad habits and lack of foresight that are completely ingrained in our culture. Approachable and measured, the content on this podcast makes you think without screaming in your face. This movement is building and will get us where we need to be before too long." –jweidner18

Great insights into making your community stronger

“History lessons, trends, opinions, analysis — Strong Towns offers a tremendous amount of information in plain, everyday language.” –Boenau


“This is an extremely thought provoking and interesting podcast. I really enjoy the perspective Chuck brings to the show, especially in re-thinking how cities should be designed, developed, and maintained. Keep up the great work!” –btwhite22

I download these as soon as they’re released. I love everything about the podcast.

This podcast is great

“I download these as soon as they’re released. I love everything about it. I love the content. I even love Chuck’s mid-western accent. Keep doing what you can to build strong towns!” -derpforce

Worth a listen!

“I stumbled on the Strong Towns website/podcast a few months ago and I’m so glad I did. Chuck has a very interesting view that blends new urbanism with fiscal discipline for towns and small communities (and cities for that matter). His message will challenge your beliefs about our built environment, but don’t be surprised if your view of the future is changed. In my opinion, a change for the better." -Bobmac

World-View Changing

“I love the Strong Towns Podcast! It has changed the way I look at the world. I am excited to be involved with this movement and I can’t wait to see where we go next.” -PebbblesRox


Thanks to everyone who listens to our podcast and left us a review. If you haven't had a chance to check out the Strong Towns podcast yet, you should!

(Top photo by Patrick Breitbach)