No New Roads

Spend less. Get more.

#NoNewRoads is our campaign to stop unnecessary and unaffordable spending on highways and roads.

Why No New Roads?

Strong Towns advocates for financial solvency and productive land use in American cities. The national obsession with an ever-expanding road system based on inaccurate projections has led many communities into serious debt, all for the sake of a road system with little financial return. We have built more auto infrastructure than we are willing to pay to maintain, and yet we insist on building more. 

At Strong Towns, we believe that a transportation system should be a means of creating prosperity in a community, not an end unto itself. Before America spends more on transportation, we must modernize our transportation finance system to get better returns on our investments. 

Do you want to see an end to expensive and dangerous road projects? Join Strong Towns, the movement that's working to make that happen.

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Interested in seeing how these concepts apply in your city? Bring Strong Towns to your community for a presentation on how to make sound investments in transportation for the future of your city.

Strong Towns President Charles Marohn speaking on transportation policy at Boston University, June 2015.

Chuck Marohn's book on transportation policy, A World Class Transportation System, is available for Kindle

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